ANAFLASH received a seed round of funding to accelerate commercialization

NSF funded research prototype presented at the 2022 Flash Memory Summit

[Sunnyvale, CA] August 4, 2022 – ANAFLASH, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, has received Technology Enhancement for Commercial Partnerships (TECP) supplementary funding from National Science Foundation (NSF) and has prototyped a standard logic based non-volatile neural network accelerator for energy efficient smart edge devices with its commercialization partners.

The company’s patented design solutions enable the integration of flash memory technology without any additional processing steps beyond the base-line processor manufacturing steps, and therefore are cost-efficient and highly scalable toward energy efficient processor manufacturing technologies applicable for numerous battery powered devices such as wearables, sensors, robots, and etc.

Led by former industry professionals from Samsung, Qualcomm, LG, SK Hynix, and Intel, the company recently raised a seed round of funding from Mirae Asset, We Ventures, Lotte Ventures, and Bluepoint Partners. The company’s previous investors include CN Venture Partners, KSWAN Ventures, and Berkeley SkyDeck Fund.

The company's standard logic based non-volatile neural network accelerator prototype will be presented at the Flash Memory Summit held at the Santa Clara Convention Center on August 4, 2022. For anyone who is interested in learning more about our recent prototype results, don’t miss this in-person networking opportunity. More information about the venue can be found at